Are you really worshipping the right God? A Holiday Checklist

It’s the Christian and Jewish holiday season! As we reflect on 2017 and march into 2018; let’s list all modern-day idols that we SHOULD NOT be worshipping like God. If you worship anything other than God, your life is not serving its Godly purpose.

Worshipping or prioritizing anything below ABOVE God are examples of modern-day Idolatory. They are human achievements or human classifications ONLY. 

It is OK to admire and learn from the list below; they are not to be worshipped like God.

  1. Work (How hard I work or Stamina)
  2. Money (How much money I make or have)
  3. Beauty (Obessessed with physical perfection; this is for entertainment and reproduction)
  4. Financial Security (Obessessed with having enough, though never getting enough)
  5. Skills (Talent, Brains, etc.)
  6. Sex (Obessessed with numbers; numbers do not come before God)
  7. Sports Teams (Sports teams are not God, they are entertainment and leisure)
  8. CEOs (They are not Gods, they are business leaders and many are corrupt/greedy)
  9. Politicians (They are not Gods, they are political leaders and many are corrupt/greedy)
  10. Movie Stars (Famous people are great for entertainment and leisure; they are not Gods)
  11. Singers (Famous people are great for entertainment and leisure; they are not Gods)
  12. Brands (Famous brands are great for entertainment and leisure; they are not Gods)
  13. Stuff (Material possessions of any kind should not be worshipped like God; this could be sand to a building)
  14. Material (see above stuff)
  15. Ideology (Only God’s law should be worshipped and followed)

Good Religious leaders that God identified that are OK (for now) are the Catholic Church (I will assist to reorganize).


If you have enough trust in God – you can conquer insecure feelings about money

Especially if it means being self-employed for the first time. Not having a steady income brings much feelings of insecurity! How do I take care of my aging parents? How do I provide for a future family and retirement? Last but not least, how do I provide for God and be a good steward for his world?

This past Sunday, I had the privilege to listen to Pastor Michelle from International Christian Assembly in Hong Kong. According to her, God wants us to have an ‘abundance’ of riches. ‘Abundance’ in this context means ‘being satisfied’ with what we have. In our fast-paced world, we are always striving for more and ‘making a living’ instead of ‘being satisfied’ and happy with what we already have. The ‘strive for more’ causes much unhappiness and suffering. Many lose touch with God and their families in the search for ‘earthly riches’.

This topic is complex and opinions vary depending on the individual. This is my view from God’s point of view.


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A smart Pastor in Hong Kong by the name of Mr. Greg recently gave a sermon on things that are sacred to God at Union (non-denominational) Church. They are ‘Time and Space’. It makes sense, God is infinite and genius beyond human comprehension and we are only tiny tiny fishes in God’s amazing work(s). What he deems Holy, us humans have to look deeper into the reasoning behind such priorities.

Time and Time Management

God gave us life on earth and in turn, gave us time. With time, we can fulfill our individual and collective purpose in this world whilst we work towards gaining entry into God’s Everlasting Kingdom. Time is a valuable resource that must be planned and leveraged appropriately. Time allows us to manifest and create; ultimately satisfying his will for us at present and eternally.

Everyone can learn how to manage their time better in order to fulfill their purpose for God. This is something I’m personally working on and we can improve together. Ultimately, we are masters of our own purpose through our mastery of time. There are only three ways to spend your time: “thoughts”, “conversations” and “actions”. (source: entrepreneur).

Sacred Space and How to Protect It

Every time I walk into a Church or Synagogue; I feel closer to God. It is an indescribable feeling of spiritual uplifting, joy and satisfaction. It is always good to arrive early or stay a bit late to enjoy the silence and sacredness of the space and find meaningful connection with God. God is all around us and he listens and answers all. Space built solely for God worship has deep significance to God. It shows our reverence and respect for the All Mighty Creator. It gives him dedicated holy area where he can stay and rest and listen to us as he pleases.

In order to protect it, we have to show our deep respect for God’s space (worship areas). We can do this through keeping it clean, rebuilding and upgrading as needed. We can practice care while we use God’s facilities. We can contribute our resources (time and money) to help keep the Sacred space for years to come.



Yom Tov – Tu B’Shvat


Thanks to Chabad’s creative photo, I like to wish everyone a Yom Tov Tu B’Shvat.


Moller Villa — A Small Piece of Jewish Shanghai


A quick greeting from Shanghai, China! I’m checking out the Moller Villa part of Jewish Shanghai.


Merry Christmas to Christian friends worldwide


On this Christmas Day, December 25, 2013, I would like to reflect on the power of one man’s birthday. Jesus was a great Jew who brought together many people to the one true G-d.