The Story


Hi and Welcome! 

My name is Xiaoming, born in Shanghai and moved to the USA at 9 years old.

At 29 years old, I discovered I may be part Jewish. During my personal search for heritage, I also discovered that I could be Japanese as well.

This blog is my journey to discover Judaism from a Chinese perspective (and other random perspectives) 🙂


1. allofasuddenpartJew is a World Relations project to promote cultural understanding between all people.

2. allofasuddenpartJew is apolitical, nonpartisan, and loves all nationalities and ethnicities.

3. allofasuddenpartJew is on a quest to confirm and understand family history and does not guarantee and confirm a specific heritage.

© Xiaoming J. 2013. All Rights Reserved.



  1. what is the name of your jewish ancestor? am going to a nat jewish gen conference in two weeks and maybe i’ll hear or learn something to pass on. got your info from linda frank in SF.

    carol in wisconsin

  2. hey, nice meeting you at the fundraiser–did your friend ever show up? holla if you ever want the delinquent’s tour of berkeley…

  3. Hello again, Xiaoming. I like this website of yours as well. It goes nicely with the FB page. I’m all for promoting cultural understanding.

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