Frequently Asked Questions Continued

Views are my own.

Why is there one Savior this time?

The World is not operating at optimal levels. God sent me to make some adjustments. God is so high, great and busy. He is not able to have close relationships with everyone; like CEOs are not able to be close to all employees. Moses is close. Abraham is close to God. Jesus Christ is close to God.

For those who keep wanting to add to God’s plan, All we can do is look at results. Let results speak for itself.

What are you really after?

God’s not calling out anyone. People who do not believe in the one true God ask this question often. People with bad intentions also ask this question. Really, here to do the work and then reinforcing. Everyone will have their spotlights at the appropriate time.

Can I pick your brain?

God is here to serve the global community. It’ll be my privilege to meet everyone on earth in the next 30 years.

Why are you not social right now?

Pre-Journey planning. I can’t wait to meet you all! ❤️😘

Are you friend first or boss first?

I am here to fulfill God’s mission for the world; that means boss first.



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