Frequently Asked Questions (Thoughts) for God (1)

Why didn’t God make the Messiah more beautiful or younger?

First of all, my job is to correct the world and fulfill God’s purpose for Earth and mankind. Difference.

God doesn’t want every man trying to be horizontal with me.

Why me?

Faith is a process. Just like when we take steps in our careers to rise; God is on similar journey for the world’s spiritual good. Each project will build greater and greater faith in God. It’s a progressive journey.

🤗 Skill set and temperament suited for role. Heritage and Obedience.

God is AB; many heroes are the other around; execution driven. God highly respect Execution A’s. For the correction, God AB is better suited.

We have great plans for our Execution A’s. Global industry leaders.

Everyone has something special and valuable. ⭐️

Why Now?

Why not?

How do you communicate with God? How do you know what messages God is sending?

First, watch this Youtube Video on the Trinity Concept in Christianity.

God uses body communication. Everyone check your bodies.

After you all watch the video, for questions, feel free to contact.

How can you be sure that your plans will work?

Trusting in God is the foundation of this journey. The level of trust is so strong that I know I can’t fail with God behind me. Leaders are only as strong as the faith people have in them. People choose who they follow.

If you want more informaton about plans, contact me privately to schedule coffee. This is work not fun. God supports marriage as an institution. God carries a serious message wrapped in appropriate types of fun.


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