Final Thoughts: February 28

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Today I’d like to remember America’s Pastor, Billy Graham. He was a rare man who understood that the spotlight belongs to God, who made all his success possible.

The most remarkable thing about Graham, said McConnell, was not his cutting-edge, multimedia ministry or his counsel to presidents — it was the fact that Graham knew God, not he himself, was responsible for his success. “’The secret of my work is God,’ he said. ‘Without him I would be nothing,’” McConnell quoted Graham as saying. “This is what made Billy Graham America’s pastor.”

Washington Post

God’s not of the human kind so we cannot ‘see’ God as we ‘see’ humans; though he is all around us.


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  1. Forgive me, Xiaoming, I know you thought I was critical of you and your commitment to Judaism in the beginning. I still read your blog posts when they come and can’t figure out where you are on that journey now, as you also espouse considerable Christian ideas, or your perception of same. As well as many other ideas on racism, etc., that strike me as unique at best, naive and uninformed at worst.

    But I can no longer refrain from replying because I must tell you that Billy Graham was a significant known anti-Semite, and many Jews find it offensive as can be that he’s given the honor of lying in state in the US Capitol.

    The Christianization that is creeping into our political system is a dangerous contradiction to the founding principles of the USA and a threat to all of us who aren’t Christian, as well as to the diversity and immigration heritage that made it possible for your family and mine, and those of most people we likely both know, to come to the USA, raise kids, succeed, etc. Billy Graham’s legacy is hardly pure for people like you and me.

    Best regards, Linda Frank

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