Race Relations in America: Keep your thoughts clean

In an earlier blog post, I talked about ‘unconscience bias’ in race relations and how we treat ‘good looking’ people better. They are also perceived to be better at their jobs and in other areas. Due to this misperception, ‘good looking’ people are not put through the same level of due diligence that everyone else goes through; even though, they should.

When we give ‘good looking’ people a free pass in life due to this incorrect perception; we are creating monsters who believe they are much higher than they actually are (created to be). God created everyone for different reasons; we are here to correct this. There is a place in society for beauty; but it has been blown grossly out of proportion due to the lack of education about God’s Kingdom.

A mind is a powerful thing. Anything we can think of (that is congruent to God’s law) is possible. Sins of the mind are just as big as physical sins. For example, dwelling on images of ‘good looking’ people is detrimental to any commited relationship.

What happens when we sin? We need to confess and clease.

So how is keeping your thoughts clean relate to race? We tend to have positive thoughts about ‘more beautiful’ people and negative thoughts about ‘less beautiful’ people. Our actions follow our thoughts with good or bad treatment. For better race relations, it is important to keep our thoughts clean so fairer treatment can follow.

Assignment for this week:

Catch a negative thought before it becomes an action.


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