Race in America: Criminal Justice System as an Example.

Disclaimer: Command and Control style leadership keeps people down. Command & Control means keeping the status quo. This is a general behavior across the world. God is neutral and is apolitical on this topic. God’s not pointing fingers at any specific group. Many Management people want to help the under-priviledged; I’m recommending more effective approaches so funds are not being wasted.

Please Note: God is above management so therefore; no one controls God.

My view on the American Criminal Justice System is that it is designed to keep the status quo; and I will explain why.

After a review of the Mass Incarceration statistics, it’s obvious that sentencing laws and policy changed post-MLK, Malcolm X and Black Panther Movement. The Civil Rights movement likely made ‘some people’ who are adamant to keep the status quo nervous; the powers that be made new laws to ensure the status quo.

If black crime rates remained constant but black prisoners increased; the only logical answer is that its a form of contemporary racial control. It doesn’t make sense that blacks are only about 15% of America; yet, makes up 37% of the prison population. I’d predict that this is a 75% system issue, 25% internal Black issue.

This is why I believe African Americans should have more of their own businesses and institutions separate from Anglos. Separation (segregation) will help keep the peace between Blacks and Whites.

My suggestion would be to redirect existing corporate diversity budgets into creating more black-owned enterprises and training separately.




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