Race in America: America is a system built for Anglos. Education Example.

Education System Example:

Recently I watched a Fox News Program on Black Founding Fathers hosted by Glenn Beck. He says that many of the Black Founders of America have not been credited appropriately for their contributions to the country. ‘Credited Appropriately’ meaning not mentioned in  our education systems and supplementary materials such as textbooks, media etc. On a deeper level, Black people and their contributions to America’s history has been missing from American citizens’ collective conscienceness. As the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’; black people have not been receiving their fair share of the rewards.


Black People’s contributions not captured in Education System –> Generations of citizens do not know about Black people’s contributions –> Ignorance perpetuates stereotypes –> Black people are not selected for ‘certain jobs’ due to stereotypes –> Reality perpetuates stereotypes –> Cycle repeats itself

What do you all think?







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