Race in America: Peaceful Co-Existence vs. Diversity

Everyday is an adventure with God!

The ‘buzzword’ for Corporate America is ‘Diversity’. Everyone talks about Diversity and billions are (IMHO) wasted on attempting something that is counter to God’s design.

My view is Diversity does not work; peaceful co-existence is much more effective. The focus should be on developing each group separately; and then, add on cultural awareness training.

God created the races to be different. People naturally stick to what they are familiar with. Segregation is not necessarily a negative thing; it can be a positive force for peace. 

In terms of America’s race relations, the money (spent on Corporate Diversity training) should be be invested into the development of more Black-owned businesses so they are able to have a stronger foundation and thrive in a country where they are the minority.

Safety for all God’s peoples are of my utmost priority.

Disclaimers: Informational purposes only. These blog posts are high-level thought and process changes.




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