Better Race Relations in America: My View

(We must get the foundation right from the start.)

It takes two to tango (in Dating)! In creating better race relations; the same line of logic applies.

My view of better race relations is dependent on our ability to identify and control our ‘unconscience biases’ and develop a proactive mindset.

  1. New Mental Models for MLKs and JFKs.

Awareness is the first step if we are to improve anything. My goal is to train for new mental models that isolate individual ‘unconscience bias’.

MLKs – Target Mental Model (Non-Victim Mentality)

2018 On-going Tasks: Please check your work products (Music lyrics, Movie lines, Story lines etc. for Victim Mentality). Media perpectuates the victim mentality thought process. While I understand that this type of content is creative; we have to think long-term about the impact and consequences of this type of messaging.

JFKs – Target Mental Model (Aware of Unconscience Bias)

2018 On-going Tasks:Please check your minds before interacting with someone of a different race. Isolate your pre-conceived thoughts beforehand. Question yourself if it makes sense. Our past experiences contributes to current thought processes.

The above tasks are fundamental for us to build on later activities to ensure success for race relations in America.

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