Have you experienced ‘Unconscience Bias’ lately?

(This is related to race relations; apply only to intercultural exchange)

Homework for Western Beauties this week:

  1. I want all of you to pause before you interact with someone of a different race
  2. Identify any pre-judgements or perceptions you have.
  3. Once you have identified these preconceived notions, think about how your own background have formed these biases.

Good evening to our humans!

Did everyone have a productive day? If you look back at your day, did you experience unconscience bias or projected unconscience bias on someone of a different race? To see if you have done this today, take the unconscience bias test. Don’t worry, you will not be judged for this.

Let’s define what ‘unconscience bias’ means.

An unreasoned judgment (professional or personal) that is completed without our knowing or perceiving. Google defines this as “mental shortcuts”.

Everyone has this; its part of the natural human defense system. Humans are designed to select for what they are accustomed to and screen out what they are not used to as a protection mechanism for racial differences.

In America, this translates to White and Black differences.




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