It’s Black History Month

Hey everyone!

We are a few days into 2018’s Black History Month! Africans Americans make up 14.5% of the USA population about 50 million people. ( African Americans have made significant contributions to America’s building and success.

Did you know the first patent was awarded to Thomas J. Jennings? Thomas invented an early version of dry cleaning. Another example is Madam C.J. Walker, America’s first female self-made millionaire, the founder of African-American hair care products. The most famous name must be George Washington Carver, a legend in agriculture and the creator of over 300 products from laundry soaps to plastics. (Source: MentalFloss).

Today’s African Americans are notable for contributions to music, movies, sports, business, politics and much much more! They also have their challenges; notably, life in inner city, primary and secondary education and poverty.

Have no fear! God’s here to help and solve!


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