If you have enough trust in God – you can conquer insecure feelings about money

Especially if it means being self-employed for the first time. Not having a steady income brings much feelings of insecurity! How do I take care of my aging parents? How do I provide for a future family and retirement? Last but not least, how do I provide for God and be a good steward for his world?

This past Sunday, I had the privilege to listen to Pastor Michelle from International Christian Assembly in Hong Kong. According to her, God wants us to have an ‘abundance’ of riches. ‘Abundance’ in this context means ‘being satisfied’ with what we have. In our fast-paced world, we are always striving for more and ‘making a living’ instead of ‘being satisfied’ and happy with what we already have. The ‘strive for more’ causes much unhappiness and suffering. Many lose touch with God and their families in the search for ‘earthly riches’.

This topic is complex and opinions vary depending on the individual. This is my view from God’s point of view.

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