Back in Hong Kong and Nice to meet you Rabbi Gilad Kariv!

Hi friends of my little humble blog!

I’m officially back in Hong Kong now. It has been raining non-stop but I am not complaining since it helps keep the temperature moderate and humidity checked. I had a wonderful trip back to the States. I visited San Francisco (my former home) and Dallas (my family’s home).  I was able to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

In San Francisco I visited Temple Emanu-el twice. First time was on a Sunday after Shabbat where I was able to take lots of photos of the Temple from the outside.  Second time was for a special Shabbat service honoring the Temple’s Chief Rabbi.  I was able to view the inside of the Temple.  It is a beautiful structure through and through.  With extremely high ceilings and ornate stained-glass windows, I felt transported into an ancient Jewish world.  I have uploaded some pics for you all via my Flickr. Enjoy! 😉

So I am back in Hong Kong now.  Recovered from my awful experience flying back transpacific.  My flight was delayed and upon missing my connection to Hong Kong, I was diverted to spend a night in Osaka, Japan.  United Airlines (A favorite) selected to put us into a low-level motel and I could not sleep at all. It was horrible. Anyways, I am all better now in Hong Kong.

The United Jewish Congregation in Hong Kong often hosts guest speakers and this week was not an exception.  Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Executive Director of the Israeli Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism visited Hong Kong and gave a breakfast talk on Reform Judaism and Israeli Politics. He was about mid to late thirties, handsome, with a quiet intelligence.  As in typical Israeli style, he was direct and forthcoming in communication style (I love this style BTW). I told him that I was currently researching various Jewish sects for a future conversion, he quickly provided his recommendation for Reform. 🙂 He offered his card and if I am in Israel in the future to visit his congregation for Shabbat. I will definitely take him up on his offer when I am in Israel.

Until next time my dear followers! 🙂

Rabbi Gilad Kariv giving a talk in Hong Kong
Rabbi Gilad Kariv giving a talk in Hong Kong

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