Reform Jewish: Because that’s what most American Jews are

Hi Guys! I just returned from a wonderful trip to Japan.  I saw lots of Tokyo, some of Kyoto, and bits and pieces of Nara and Osaka. It was just lovely and I can’t wait to return. Tokyo is also home to the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Center of Japan.

This week, I will profile the other main sect of Judaism called Reform.

What exactly is Reform Judaism?

Just as its name suggests, Reform or Progressive Judaism reforms traditional orthodox Judaism. According to the Union for Reform Judaism, some key beliefs are:

  1. “Judaism frozen in time is an heirloom, not a living fountain” – Reformists welcome innovation into Judaism from outside cultures and influences.
  2. Reform Jews are committed to the principles of inclusion, not exclusion. Reform Jews reaches out to Jews-by-Choice and interfaith families
  3. Reform Jews are committed to the absolute equality of women in all areas of Jewish life.

How will being Reform Jewish Change me?

  1. Diet Changes – Most if not all Reform Jews do not believe in keeping kosher.  Their rationale ranges from corruption of the kosher industry, the kosher industry not accepting the reform sect of Judaism, and the boring old it is an out-of-date tradition.
  2. Schedule Changes – Most of the Jews I know are reform and they definitely do NOT attend Shabbat services every week. What I do see are Jewish young professionals attending Shabbat once in a while, if there is a cool speaker of some sort.
  3. Belief Changes – This, as is with Orthodox and Conservative, I will believe in the G-d of Israel.
  4. Life Changes – With reform, I will have more flexibility. Downside is that I won’t be recognized by the country of Israel.  Israel only recognizes Orthodox Jews, so what chances do I have if I want credibility and legitimacy as a Jew-by-Choice?

Again, much of this analysis is personal preferences.  I am in San Francisco this week and next.  Looking forward to visiting various Synagogues and Interfaith Organizations over my short visit.

See you next time!


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