How Will I Change? The Orthodox Way of Modern Judaism

What exactly is Orthodox Judaism?

In one sentence, Orthodox Judaism keeps to its roots.  Men and women worship and sit separately in Synagogue.  The language used is Hebrew and traditional observances prescribed by the Torah.  Orthodox Jews believe G-d gave Moses all of the Torah at Mount Sinai.  10% of American Jews identified themselves as Orthodox in a 2000 National Jewish Population Survey.  One must keep Kosher, meaning, my lifestyle will change dramatically (!!!) The Jewish Bible considers the consumption of food and drink as one of life’s great joys.  As such, one must respect and take care of how food is prepared and served.  Over the centuries Rabbinic Judaism, the rabbis of the time, laid out elaborate rules for how to slaughter animals. Sounds really specific and bloody to me!

How will being Orthodox Jewish Change me?

  1. Diet Changes – If I become Orthodox Jewish, I will have to observe and keep to these dietary laws. Can I do it?  I like to eat too much…. Must consider this a bit more and deeply. >_< On the other hand, I have had kosher food at Chabad and Ohel Leah, it tastes well if prepared and cooked well.  There is also an upside to this change!
  2. Schedule Changes – I guess I won’t be going out Friday nights anymore. As least not during Shabbat.  I will be at Synagogue and attending services and eating kosher dinner.  This will extend through Saturday early evening as well. Well, its only one weekend night. I still have my Saturday nights.  I will have to pray on a schedule too I believe.
  3. Belief Changes – This is an obvious one.  I am agnostic for now, I believe in a higher being that unites all the universe-which the Jews refer to as G-d.
  4. Life Changes – If I am an Orthodox Jew, I can only marry an Orthodox Jew right? I haven’t given this too much thought yet….(?) I’m not particularly attracted to the long-bearded ultra-orthodox type of Jewish men. They kind of remind of me of Mormons. (no offense to neither groups!)

I’m sure there are some things that I’m missing but I got to finish my Literature Review for my class so I can graduate.

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  1. Xiaoming,
    Of course kosher food can taste very good! (I used to be a kosher cook. 🙂 Some of the most significant things to remember are no more shellfish, pork, or cheeseburgers, or several kinds of sushi, such as tako and uni. But it can be done!

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