Personal Reflection on Last Week’s Horrible Events

Hi Everyone!

I’m writing to you from the midst of my final exams and term papers.  I only have 1.5 weeks to go so wish me luck. 🙂

Like most of you, I was deeply disturbed by last week’s horrible string of multiple events. Let me summarize in chronological order.  (Note: I am in Hong Kong time zone)

1. Boston Marathon Bombing – I woke up Tuesday, April 16th to a barrage of Facebook posts about a bombing at the Boston marathon. My first thought was not again, what happened this time?  Turned on the news and nothing but Boston. As the week went on, a manhunt continued for the suspects.  I followed the best I could without getting off track from my studying. At week’s end, the first suspect died and the second suspect was in custody.  Violence isn’t the answer to solve our differences people. When will this message stick. We are not cavemen, hunter gatherers nor warring nomadic tribes anymore (at least not where I am….)

2. Texas Factory Explosion – While the world’s attention was focused on Boston, a random explosion in West Texas (close to where I used to live and go to school!) happened.  Houses and business around the factory including the factory itself was flattened. The media obviously didn’t give this story as much attention as they should if the Boston bombs didn’t go off earlier in the week. I had to dig a bit deeper on the internet to learn about what truly happened. Sometimes, I feel the media twists stories to someone’s benefit. I’ve noticed that many lawyers have already pitched the victims for business. This is seems so tasteless to me.  I know lawyers need to make a living and all but at least wait until a bit after or let the victims approach you!  Also, did the workers perform regular maintenance on the factory or just let it go unchecked. I haven’t had the time to dig deep into this story-but that’s the first thought that came across my mind.

3. Letters to Obama – In the context of last week, this was also a tiny blip in the grand scheme of events.  Ricin, a type of poison, was found in letters sent to Obama.  I mean, I understand we all have political difference but we don’t need to resort to poison!! There is a thing in democracy called the debate-that’s where you should all duke it out!

4. Sichuan China Earthquake – Heading back to Asia from the West, another massive earthquake struck China. This piece of news broke out around the same time the second Boston bombing suspect was caught.  I found out through a friend’s post on Facebook. So natural disasters are also bad but do we humans have anything to do with it? We dig so many holes in the ground for subways, dig caves in mountains for mines, do they impact the environment? I’m sure it does as we are all interdependent on this earth. Something to think about.

What did you all think? Any major events impacted you recently?

Enough of my rantings or complaints! Ok, now back to studying!


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