Next Steps in Hong Kong, a New Place to Live!

So I’m looking for a new place to live. Shatin is beginning to feel a bit isolated as most of my expat friends live on Hong Kong Island. Now is the perfect time, the semester just started, my course workload is light, to search for my next humble abode in Hong Kong.

I am starting to attend Shabbat Services regularly in Hong Kong. Getting to know the Hong Kong Jewish Community on a more intimate level, I guess you can say it that way. Friday nights and Saturday mornings will be devoted to this activity. Learning another culture is not easy and I don’t want to be one of those BS types who doesn’t know what the he!! they are talking about.

On the Adult Education front, the first group of Introduction to Judaism classes has come to a close.  The next set, which focuses on the Jewish life cycle, starts in March.  I’m looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, 2013 is the Year of the Snake! I love seeing the city come alive with beautiful lights, lanterns, and dragon dances.  I’ll be spending Chinese New Years with family in Shanghai.  But, don’t you worry, while I am there, I plan to attend Shabbat services at the Chabad of Shanghai.  I have met Rabbi Greenberg there, it’ll be like a mini-reunion.

I went to Gagosian Gallery of Hong Kong recently, they had a great exhibit from Takashi Murakami called Flowers & Skulls, the famous Japanese pop artist. I leave you some Instagrams from that trip.

Happy Hippy Flowers
Happy Hippy Flowers
Rainbow Skulls closeup
Rainbow Skulls closeup
Lion with Skulls
Lion with Skulls

Until next time, see you soon!

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