So What’s Next? Introduction to Judaism of Course!

Now back in Hong Kong to finish my MSSc in General Education of Social Science, I have been contemplating for the past few months on what’s next…for allofasuddenpartJew.

So far, I have started a blog, moved to Asia, visited the various Chinese Jewish cities and met with various Jewish peoples (Shanghai, Kaifeng, and Hong Kong).  I still have Harbin to do, hopefully in the winter!  Went to several Shabbat services, Orthodox, Reform, and a Chabad Center.  There is so much more to learn about Jewish culture, that it would take years to grasp.

As a true beginner, I have decided to start Adult Education Courses at the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong.  This will provide a structured environment where I can learn step-by-step what exactly is this religion or group of people called Jews. While at the same time, seeing what commonalities there are with Chinese philosophies and thinking.  I’m excited to learn with Rabbi Stanton Zamek in the progressive vision of Jewish Life.

For the next 3 months, every Tuesday night! See you then!





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