Kaifeng, Henan, China

Hutong to Chinese Jews21 Teaching the Torah LanePlaque in HebrewJewish gifts galoreKaifeng SynagogueMy friend Esther
Jewish Goodies CabinetEsther teaching her historyMy Shadow and the SynagogueFacade of the Kaifeng Jewish Memorial CenterLooking down the LaneSign of Kaifeng Jewish Center
Found the correct Hutong!More Jewish goodiesA closer lookEsther, descendent of Kaifeng JewsEsther and ILast Pose
High Speed TrainLooking out the WindowCapital of HenanTypical Food of HenanTypical Food of HenanTofu of the region

I got my iPhone back! My journey to Kaifeng to visit Jews from 1000 years back through Instagram.


  1. Plaque in Hebrew is a prayer…Shamah Y’Isroael.. the most important Jewish Prayer. (Hear O’Israel, the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One)… Love your posts! Thank you, Lori

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