Shanghai Jewry: HongKou

Entry TicketThe Road to the MuseumFrontview: Living QuartersOld Living QuartersOfficial Museum SignEntryway into Ohel Moshe
Red Carpet inside the SynagogueFrom the Rabbi's SeatOverlooking the Info RoomsFamous Shanghai JewsInside the Info RoomMap of HongKou District
Famous Jews that lived in the Shanghai Jewish QuartersMenorah in the Dark...Asian Jewish Sympathy ;)History Floor MapOld Jewish Newspaper!Info Room 1
The shopkeeper was my guideRestored Ohel Moshe SynagogueThe Helpful ShopkeeperSuch a great selectionShop Manager and Museum GuardA Jewish Girl in Shanghai Comic Book

Shanghai Jewry: HongKou, a set on Flickr.

Here is a visual tour of HongKou. Shanghai’s former Jewish ghetto during WWII. Includes surrounding neighborhood, Ohel Moshe, and Information Rooms


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