Summer Update: Livin’ it up in my beloved hometown of Shanghai

Hello from Shanghai! Excuse the silence! But I have been pretty busy!

Spring semester ended with a loud thud.  I’m not in Hong Kong right now but in Shanghai, my birth city, my beloved, hometown.

Spending the summer doing intensive Mandarin courses at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

I desire to accomplish the following in 8 weeks, let’s hope it is possible!

  • Become Fluent in Mandarin (My reading and writing is horrible)
  • Learn Judaism from a Chinese perspective at the Chabad of Shanghai
  • Explore Shanghai to the fullest extent (all the fun places!)
  • Research Jews in Shanghai History (all the scholarly places!)
  • Travel to various Jewish China sites (Kaifeng, Harbin, etc.)

Until next week! Checking out!

Next week, I will explore HongKou (read NY Times) article here.

My Mandarin classmates at Bar Rouge with a great view of the Pudong Skyline (American Chinese, British, Italian, German, Canadian). Love the diversity!!

One comment

  1. Wow, are you going to have any time to sleep during the next two months?! Best of luck with your summer plans. Maybe you can write an article about your exploration of modern Jewish Shanghai and send it to me for the SFBAJGS journal. 🙂

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