How to Relocate to Asia 101: Beta Version 1.0

How to Relocate to Asia 101:  Beta Version 1.0

Einstein (one of the most famous Jews in history) once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” That is the approach that I have decided to take when it comes to the “How to Relocate to Asia 101: Beta Version 1.0

Notes before moving any further:

  1. As my intelligent Social Science professor says, all theories or approaches need to be tested.  This is Beta version 1.0
  2. I am open to your feedback on making this better
  3. The profiles below are generalizations

Know Thy Self, Which Profile fits You?

Beginners are usually:

OBC, ABC, OBA (Overseas-born Chinese, American-born Chinese, Overseas-born Asian), Non Asian without any Asian experience, conservative, low tolerance threshold, less openness, less risk taking, English is the only language spoken and not willing to learn another language, prefers Western-style freedoms and Rule of Law individuals should consider the following:

Intermediates are usually:

Somewhat curious about Asia, perhaps spent some time vacationing in Asia or during childhood, open to new experiences, speaks multiple languages, open to learning or adjusting a bit should consider the following:

Advanced are usually:

People who are willing to do whatever it takes to blend into the local culture.  Whether through learning the language, understanding the culture, winning natives over etc.  People who are adaptive, resilient and flexible.  Tolerance for the fast pace of change, pollution and native personalities.  High-risk taking means high rewards people should consider the following:

Niche are usually:

I know of many Japanophiles (I’m one) and Korea Lovers.  Niches are people who just love Japan or Korea because of its unique language, culture and advanced economy.  They already or are learning to speak Korean and Japanese or are fans of Japanese and Korean dramas, technologies, and pop culture.

Which one fits your profile?

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