So You Want to Relocate to Asia? Now What? Part 1

***Disclaimer for this Post***

If you have been reading my blog for the past six months, you know my posts are short, to-the-point, and quick-to-read. I keep it this way for three reasons:

1. I only want you know what (I think) are the most important (and not give you excess baggage).

2. If I wanted to write a book, it would be longer with more description.  If I wanted to write a critical essay, it would be longer with more analysis. This is a blog, and blogs as a medium, are snapshots of information that you need right now.

3. My writing style aesthetic is this way. I love to write and state my opinions.

***End of Disclaimer*** ***all opinions are my own***

I have been getting some questions from friends back in the USA or elsewhere about Asia.  Some are looking to relocate to Asia (temp or perm), doing business or setting up offices, or have offers from companies looking to send them abroad to Asia.

Most common questions I hear are:

1. How are you liking it over there?

2. How is the (insert industry) over there?

3. I’m thinking about Singapore, Tokyo, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, (insert large Asian City), etc. What do you think? What are your impressions?

4. Are people there really going to take advantage of me? Am I going to get screwed? (yeah if you are not educated!) ;P

I thought there was a need to create some information on choosing where to go in Asia if you are curious and/or have no previous experience **living or working** in Asia. I am by no means an expert, but an Asian-American observer of things happening around me.

In this six-part series, I will profile several major Asian cities for expats, and wrap-up with my own approach on choosing cities.

Part 1: Introduction (this post)

Part 2: Hong Kong (yeah I am a bit biased here haha)

Part 3: Large cities in Mainland China, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

Part 4: Singapore

Part 5: Seoul/Tokyo

Part 6: My system for choosing cities in Asia given your own personal situation

Stay tuned!

xoxo from Hong Kong. I took the below photo in Sai Kung right after Chinese New Year. As you see, the lanterns are still up.


  1. Hi Xiao Ming,

    We sat next to each other at the Blogging 101 lunch. I started a film blog.

    1) I recommend visiting Yang Shuo, located in Guilin. It looks heavenly and is backpacker-friendly.

    Also, by the way, I thought of something that you can use as a topic for your blog recently. It’s about Yiddish words. The Yiddish word for “schmuck” actually made it’s way through English and into Cantonese vernacular “薯嘜” (which also means a fool or an idiot). I’m hypothesizing tracing the origin of the language can illuminate your ancestry perhaps?

    Anyways, hope to see you around.

    Steven Ng

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