Happy Hanukkah and What I miss about the USA

Last week I gave a Top 10 list of things you should know about Hong Kong before relocating, traveling, or vacationing here. I am also going to give my Top 10 things that I miss about the USA (they still call it the best country in the world).

Here goes: 🙂

1. Fresh clean air (most of the time) – at least in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was living last

2. Personal Space. The understanding and mutual respect of personal space in public

3. Giving benefit of the doubt, trusting others easily. I’m generalizing here but being naive in Hong Kong does not serve you any good. I like to believe in what people say and do but I can’t do that here. Trust is earned not given. ***This is especially true if you are foreign*** Must learn how to negotiate smart.

4. Taste of Soft Drinks. i.e. Coke and Diet Coke. Here it is really sweet, almost too much to take. I still like my drinks flat so I open and leave in the fridge served without ice

5. Wide-open landscapes. Hong Kong has one of the highest world population densities in the world (source: HK Gov’t) at 6480 persons per square kilometre. The city is built up to house the population; therefore, lot of views of wide-open spaces are blocked!

6. Cost of Clothing. So I know a lot of people come to Hong Kong to get custom-made suits and etc., but overall, the mass-produced clothing labels (Gap, BCBG, Calvin Klein, etc.) are cheaper in the USA. Hong Kong is still a great place for a well-made inexpensive suit, so feel free to add that to your to do list for Hong Kong

7. Milk and dairy products. I am lactose intolerant but the milk products prices I have seen are through the roof! I pay about $4 for a 1/4 gallon of Milk. In the USA, I can get a gallon of milk for $4

8. Lack of chain smokers. So many people smoke in Hong Kong, and I mean chain smokers are everywhere. I am almost to the point of investing in a face mask when I go out (for pollution and smoke protection)

9. Access to great Mexican food. Having lived in Texas and studied Spanish in Mexico; good Tex-Mex is hard to find since it is so far from its home. Kinda like bad Americanized Chinese food in the USA

10. Fast, efficient, and effective washers and dryers. Due to the lack of space here, there are a lot of 2-in-1 washer and dryer machines. I feel my clothes are never dry enough or are they?!

Happy Hanukkah!!! I’m going to attend a lighting festival tomorrow and Shabbat this Friday. Will report on them later.


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