Reporting from my First Two Weeks in Hong Kong

Wow, time flies when you are settling into a new city…

2 weeks have passed since I arrived in Hong Kong: the sights, smells, and people that I have met have been so memorable.

Hong Kong Top 10 – you need to know!

1. Understand there is no concept of personal space in Hong Kong, people will and do cut you off

2. No tipping is required, service charge is included in your bill…but all else is negotiatiable

3. Public transportation and taxi cabs are so cheap and efficient, my average cab fare has been $4-8USD each

4. You must like lots and lots of people! There will never be no one around you! It is a swarm!

5. Hong Kong is the financial center of Asia (think NYC) there is small tech community here that regularly tweets, 4Squares, and FB, but overall tech adoption is slow

6. Be ready to drop some cash, this city overall is expensive, with real estate topping the list

7. To my surprise, incredibly diverse: there is a mosque, synagogue, and church all located within each other, not to mention temples and other places of worship …and chambers of commerces from the world.

8. If you are Western, you may want to stay on Hong Kong island, near Central, Mid-Levels, Soho, and Lan Kwai Fong; at least to start with so you can get acquainted with the city

9. Know and expect pollution from China and lots of it!

10. The Star Ferry is your best friend to get from Hong Kong island to Kowloon side and vice versa

Some other insights that I learned, not cool enough to make it into the top 10 are:

– There is an annual Jewish Film Festival here

– All 3 major sects of the Jewish faith is represented in Hong Kong (I was surprised!)

– Most western food here is bad and over-priced, get used to eating Chinese food (quick and inexpensive)

– Finding reasonable housing is a necessary evil, it is painful but worth it in the end

ok, I’m signing off. Going to an Italian Chamber Japanese Night event tonight. I have been meeting so many different people from around the world. It is an awesome experience!

Caption: That is me in the W Hong Kong Kowloon side earlier this year. 🙂 Until next time…………signing off….allofasuddenpartJew


  1. I LOVE getting your report. It conjures up all of my sensory memories of Hong Kong. I can hear it and taste it and smell it easily. You are a very courageous person to have gone to live there on your own. The photo of you is so glamorous! You look like a movie star on the red carpet! I send you good news from Berkeley. I will be teaching at Masses’s one of the best bakeries in the world for a Lunar New Year Festival in January! I think it will be really fun. So, I send my best to you and keep me posted!


  2. There’s also an annual Israeli film festival and the Israeli consulate and the ~6 Jewish communities here do throw quite a few events…

    Welcome to HK.

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