International Moves are Challenging – No Jews here.

WARNING: The below post has nothing to do with Chinese nor Jewish relations, history, nor genealogy. It is a random posting of my rantings about the troubles of an international move and all the headaches that comes along with it.

So, I am leaving on a jet plane this Friday, 25 of November. To be precise, my flight on Cathay Pacific leaves at 12:05 a.m., right after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. This year I’m thankful that I finally got the resolve to move to Hong Kong to embark and fulfill the vision I have for myself and my life in Asia.

Of course I have taken care of the most important tasks (fun) first such as:

1. Update all my social media accounts to say that I now live in Hong Kong
2. Seeing my San Francisco friends one last time and request that they come visit sometime in the future
3. Updated all my personal time instruments (i.e. iPad, phone, and laptop) to the Hong Kong timezone to help myself adjust ahead of the curve. (A great tip of mine for people trying to adjust to jet lag)
4. Connected with my Hong Kong friends to plan outings upon my arrival

The least important tasks (boring) are difficult to start such as:

1. Packing 2 massive suitcases, which I hope won’t be over 50 pounds each
2. Figuring out what clothes and accessories I really need in Hong Kong, need vs want
3. Exchanging and transfer my USD to HKD, Opening an account in HK

I have read packing tips from Real Simple (highly recommended) and some HK budgeting tips from Bootsnall to facilitate the boring tasks.  I booked a bed for my first four nights through Airbnb (another highly recommend) with an Australian couple in Central.  This will be my first time living with Australians in Hong Kong, should be an interesting experience.

I close with the below night scene of Hong Kong. Beautiful isn’t it?!  Asia’s World City here I come! Ya’ll come visit!! Until next time, from Hong Kong.


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