Update from allofasuddenpartJew: Onwards to Hong Kong

Dear readers,

Thanks for following my journey thus far. I have some news to share with you all. I have left my 9-to-5 corporate job to pursue a graduate degree and my dream life in Hong Kong effective end of November. This move is based in the following rationale:

1. Passion for Asia’s growth and region
2. Long term desire to live and work in Hong Kong (One of my favorite cities in the world)
3. Proximity to China (Shanghai, my birth city) and better access to do my Jewish genealogy research
4. To be where the action is in the world right now
5. Promote Chinese and Jewish understanding from the East

I hope you will continue to follow me.

Xiaoming aka allofasuddenpartJew


  1. Wow! Didn’t realize that you’d be leaving so soon. You sound very excited–as you should! Hope to hear from you before you go.

    I’m getting ready to move, too–either for a job or for retirement. So much going on for both of us!

    Love, love, love—Pat

  2. I’ve enjoyed following your blog since I met you at the Jewish/Asian Mah Jongg event in SF. Good luck with your move and educational pursuits. I’ll continue to follow your blog.


  3. That is exciting news and sounds like a fantastic new adventure. Hopefully we can get in a game of Mah Jongg before you go. Otherwise, my husband and i are spending a month in China next Spring and Hong Kong is one of our destinations and we’d love to see you there. Keep spreading the Jewish-Asian spirit!

  4. Well, I am excited for you and at the same time, I am upset to see you go. You are one of my dearest friends I have known for over 10 years. I wish you safe travels and hope you find what you are looking for in China.

    Remember, if you need a friend, I am only a Skype away.

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