Do DNA Tests Really Work?

Do DNA Tests Really Work?

I recently decided to take a chance and joined 23andme, a DNA testing service.  I provided a spit sample and 2 months later was provided with an analysis of what my heritage supposedly is made off.  It was not as detailed as I would have liked.  23andme groups people of middle east heritage with the Asian population so I came out 100% Asian according to their analysis.  My great-great-grandfather, that is 4 generations back and is probably difficult to test for.

So what did I decide to do?

I tested my mom as well!  Using Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder service. This is a bit different from 23andme, in that, it has the largest database of DNA for Jews. (This was what I was told). Family Tree DNA requested swabs from inside your mouth, not spit, another differentiator.  Now I am just waiting for the results to see if my mom’s DNA has any matches with existing Jews in Family Tree DNA’s database.

So exciting!

Have you had a DNA experience?

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