The Art and Science of Genealogy.

The merriam-webster dictionary defines genealogy as the study of family pedigrees.

When I was in D.C. 2 weeks ago, I snuck into a few sessions at the Jewish Genealogy Conference 2011. My favorite was “Attracting the Younger Generation”. We had a great speaker named Joshua Taylor, a professional genealogist based on the East Coast.  He outlined the challenges the field of genealogy has with today’s youth and strategies and tactics to overcome them.  A very informative session that I can apply to allofasuddenpartJew. My goal with this project is to attract the younger Jewish and Chinese generations to promote cultural understanding and business opportunities.

I also met Schelly Talalay Dardashti, the proprietor of Tracing the Tribe – The Jewish Genealogy Blog. I asked for her advice on creating and growing a blog and came away with some good tips.

I could hire a professional genealogist to help me in my search, but its not as fun as digging through history myself. What do you think?

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