An Afternoon at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

Washington D.C. is a haven for museum lovers.  There are so many types and most of them are free.

I like to introduce you to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  It is exactly what its name implies – a living memorial to the Holocaust.

I started with the State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda exhibit that shows how the Nazi’s were able to wield and win power through the spread of their propaganda, or I call it , political marketing materials.  This exhibit combines video, art, and sound to create a compelling story of the Nazi party messaging and imagery used to influence minds.

Then, it was my turn to enter the permanent exhibition The Holocaust.  This is a very popular exhibition, so beware if you are planning a trip from March through August, you will need to get a free timed pass to enter. I was really impressed!  It was educational yet an incredibly moving experience.  While I traversed through the crowds, I pretended that I was a Jew who lived during WWII.  How would I act, feel, and do if I were faced with such hatred, atrocity, and hostility in my adopted homeland??!!!  That is a question that I can’t really answer…what would I do if I lost loved family members?!

I left the museum with a heavy heart and an etched memory of this dark chapter in human history. Let’s all work together to prevent anything like the Holocaust to happen again.  Genocide Prevention!

Disclaimer: allofasuddenpartJew is nonpartisan. Please also excuse any grammatical errors as English is not my first language and I cannot afford an editor. :)

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