Flashback….Growing up in Shanghai

I’ve gotten feedback from some readers that they would like to know more about my family history, where I grew up, and how I found out that I’m part “Jewish”.

Today, I am going to do just that.  I was born in Shanghai in 1981, a huge 30 years ago!  China, or Shanghai, was a much different country and city then.  We lived in the French Concession District, for those who do not know, Shanghai was divided among foreign powers earlier in the 20th century, it was the French piece.

I had a pretty normal childhood in this neighborhood.  My friends were mostly boy neighbors and I used to be such a tomboy.  I remember having bicycle races with the boys, and I used to be one of them.  I walked everywhere as my surroundings were tightly packed.  We lived in a Japanese built building converted into living quarters.  Money was very tight but my joy was our big backyard where I could run around.

Have you been to Shanghai before?


  1. You sound quiet intrusting I am not much of a reader but your story just have pulled me in. Hope to here the complete one.
    Thank you.

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