Jeremy Ben-Ami, CJM Docents, and more….

According to Wikipedia, Museum docents are “educators trained to further the public’s understanding of the cultural and historical collections of the institution.”  Last Sunday at the CJM, I met a kind enough docent who chatted with me re: Chinese Jews over an early dinner.   She is educated in her field, but semi-retired, with a lot of energy left!  I was able to pick her brains on the subject and received a few books to boot to further my own education!

Furthermore, yesterday at a World Affairs Council event, I got a strong dose of Israel from Jeremy Ben-Ami, author of A New Voice for Israel.  The conference room was packed and I stood for 3/4 of the event.  Jeremy gave a brief background on himself and his book and saved the bulk of the time for questions…and boy…were there a lot of questions!  Israel is such a “sensitive” and “touchy” topic I have realized…..I was able to get his autograph and shared with him my project to promote Chinese and Jewish relations.

Disclaimer:  allofasuddenpartJew is non-partisan, as of today.  I may or may not change my position depending on future learnings. Please also excuse any grammatical errors as English is not my first language and I cannot afford and editor. 🙂


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