Met the Honorable Akiva Tor, Consul General of Israel Pacific Northwest

The World Affairs Council provides many informative meetings and today is not an exception.

I had the privilege to attend a luncheon with the Honorable Akiva Tor as the guest speaker. He spoke about top-of-mind September Israel-Palestine Peace issues. The MidEast conflict is a completely new concept for me grasp. I have heard it many times over on TV, Radio, and Internet; but have never taken it seriously. I mean come on, I’m Chinese American, why should I care about what is happening the MidEast? But now with my new Jewish revelation, it has become more personal…. I’m going to start taking this seriously. Israel is surrounded by “enemies” that are not Jewish many times over! This conflict is rooted in thousand years of history….enough of my babble..

On a side note —

I was able to ask the Consul General about Israeli-Chinese relations, which he replied “a very important relationship for Israel”. I’m definitely in the right line of work. I also chatted with him about a possible future collaboration cultural event that promotes Jewish and Chinese friendship.

More details to follow as I get more info…

Question for you readers:

1. If you are non-Chinese, what areas of Chinese culture are you interested in?

2. If you are non-Jewish, what areas of Jewish culture are you interested in?

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