Chinese and Jewish Mahjongg Wars…

So, another week has gone by and my Jewish event of the week was, believe it or not MahJongg!

The AJC of San Francisco and the AsianWeek Foundation co-hosted a Chinese Jewish MahJongg event that I attended last night.

There were about 150 total players. It was my virgin Mahjongg experience, believe it or not. I was at the learner’s table and met a few interesting Chinese and Jewish beginners. We had a wonderful teacher named Toby Alice Salk. She taught the basics: i.e. the pieces involved, the rules, and the American or Jewish style of play. Jewish style mahjongg was a bit of surprise so I ask how it made it to the USA. Apparently, a business man brought it back to NYC from China back in the 1800’s. I really need to catch up on history – which I find so fascinating. We also got to preview a short documentary called “Tiles that Bind” that documents Jewish and Chinese ladies playing mahjongg together.

Until next time….;)

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