So that’s what that building is…the American Jewish Committee

I often walk past the American Jewish Committee on Steurt Street in San Francisco, wondering what it is.  Is it a museum? No, because it is not open to the public and you need an access card to swipe yourself in.  All my curiosity was solved this past Monday when I got the chance to attend an American Jewish Committee Board Meeting!

Thanks to Linda Frank, I got invited and was able to freely walk inside.  I met some great people there (i.e. Mervyn Danker, Director of AJC San Francisco, Professor Chen Yiyi, Director of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Bill Epstein, President of AJC San Francisco, and last but not least Ms. Manli Ho, daughter of Chinese diplomat Ho Feng-Shan, who saved over thousands of Jews during the Holocaust by issuing them Visas to Shanghai.

The meeting was informative.  Linda Frank made a presentation on the recent AJC mission to Asia and Professor Chen Yiyi spoke about his work in China around Jewish studies.  I’m making my Jewish connections….:) My journey keeps trekking….until next time.

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