Join me on my journey to solve the mystery of my family….

My first blog at 29 years old. I am behind the times in the internet and digital age. It is never too late to start and catch up.

So, Allofasuddenpartjew project is now official. I have my official blog, twitter, and who knows what else will come up in this upcoming exciting journey.

My journey starts in San Francisco, California where I discovered my family has some non-Chinese blood. It turned out to be Jewish of all groups. Now I’m hungry for more knowledge on Jews, Jewish culture, history, and beliefs while furthering Chinese and Jewish relations without politics.

More info to come!


  1. The site looks great! It’s never too late to start a blog, and before you know it you’ll get addict to it. I know I did for a while, and then life got in the way. =D

  2. I’m one of the women you met tonight at the Mah Jongg event. We all enjoyed meeting you and I look forward to following your blog. You’re welcome to come over to Oakland and learn to play Mah Jongg with us.

  3. Hi Xiaoming. I finally have a minute to read through your blog, and I’m happy to have been at least part of what inspired you to start blogging. As David said, it’s never too late–I started in my mid-60s, after all! I hope you’ll be telling us more about the moment when you actually discovered your part-Jewishness: was it something you read? Something one of your parents told you about? That moment must have been both exciting and really confusing–I hope you’ll share it with us.
    Give my best to your parents–I know it’s been a long time since we met, but I think of them often when I think of you, and I hope to see them again some day. And tell your mother that HER mother is a very intriguing looking lady. Did you ever know her? Hope you will tell us more about her in your blog.

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